About members of Unit of Synergetic Studies for Space (USSS)

USSS consists of 3 full-time teaching staffs, and staffs of Graduate School of Science, Graduate School of Engineering, Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivablity, Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Graduate School of Letters, Graduate School of Energy Science, Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, Graduate School of Agriculture, Graduate School of Informatics, Yukawa Institute of Theoretical Physics, Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere, Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences, The Hakubi Center for Advanced Research, Center for the Promotion of Interdisciplinary Education and Research, Kokoro Research Center, The Kyoto University Museum, Primate Research Institute, Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies, Kyoto University Institute for Advanced Study, Wildlife Research Center, Institute for Frontier Life and Medical Sciences, Center for the Promotion of Excellence in Higher Education.

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Chair, Vice-Chair

Unit Chairman
Professor Shin MINESHIGE (Graduate School of Science)
Unit Vice-Chairmen
Professor Takeshi TSURU (Graduate School of Science)
Professor Kei SENDA (Graduate School of Engineering)

USSS full-time staff

Masahiro TERADA (Associate Professor) terada.masahiro.2m_at_
Tomoyuki TAJIMA (Assistant Professor) tajima.tomoyuki.4s_at_
Yuya SHIMIZU (Assistant Professor) shimizu.yuya.4c_at_
Administrative / Technical Staff
Satoko TSUJIHIRO tsujihiro.satoko.7n_at_
Kumi HIROSE hirose.kumi.3n_at_
Kanoko MURAYAMA murayama.kanoko.6a_at_

Synergetic Studies for Space BroadBandTower (BBT) co-research Section

Hiroshi FUJIWARA (Professor)
Sigeru NEMOTO (Assistant Professor)
Hiroaki ISOBE (Associate Professor)
Hiroyuki TAKASAKI (Associate Professor)

Graduate School of Science

Division of Physics and Astronomy Department of Physics II
Katsuji KOYAMA (Professor emeritus) koyama_at_cr.scphys.
Tohru TANIMORI (Professor) tanimori_at_cr.scphys
Takeshi TSURU (Professor) tsuru_at_cr.scphys
Takahiro Tanaka (Professor) tama_at_scphys
Hidetoshi KUBO (Associate Professor) kubo_at_cr.scphys
Takashi HOSOKAWA (Associate Professor) hosokawa_at_tap.scphys
Takaaki TANAKA (Assistant Professor) ttanaka_at_cr.scphys
Atushi TAKADA (Assistant Professor) takada_at_cr.scphys
Hiroyuki UCHIDA (Assistant Professor) uchida_at_cr.scphys
Division of Physics and Astronomy Department of Astronomy
Tetsuya NAGATA (Professor) nagata_at_kusastro
Shin MINESHIGE (Professor) shm_at_kusastro
Kouji OHTA (Professor) ohta_at_kusastro
Yoshihiro UEDA (Associate Professor) yueda_at_kusastro
Mikio KURITA (Associate Professor) mikio_at_kusastro
Fumihide IWAMURO (Associate Professor) iwamuro_at_kusastro
Keiichi MAEDA (Associate Professor) keiichi.maeda_at_kusastro
Daisaku NOGAMI (Associate Professor) nogami_at_kusastro
Yoshio TOMITA (Assistant Professor) tomita_at_kusastro
Taichi KATO (Assistant Professor) tkato_at_kusastro
Takanori SASAKI (Assistant Professor) takanori_at_kusastro.
Kwasan and Hida Observatories
Kazunari SHIBATA (Professor:Vice-Chairmen) shibata_at_kwasan.
Kiyoshi ICHIMOTO (Professor) ichimoto_at_kwasan.
Ayumi Asai (Associate Professor) asai_at_kwasan.
Satoru UENO (Assistant Professor) ueno_at_kwasan.
Shinichi NAGATA (Assistant Professor) nagata_at_kwasan.
Masaru KINO (Assistant Professor) kino_at_kusastro.
Division of Earth and Planetary Science Department of Geophysics
Shigeo YODEN (Professor) yoden_at_kugi
Shoichi SHIGE (Associate Professor) shige_at_kugi
Akinori SAITO (Associate Professor) saitoua_at_kugi
Satoshi TAGUCHI (Professor) tabuchi_at_kugi
Division of Earth and Planetary Science Department of Geology and Mineralogy
Atsushi YAMAJI (Professor) yamaji_at_kueps
Akira TSUCHIYAMA (Professor)
World Data Center for Geomagnetism, Kyoto
Toshihiko IYEMORI (Professor Emeritus) iyemori_at_kugi
Hiroaki TOH (Associate Professor)

Graduate School of Engineering

Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Akira ICHIKAWA(Professor emeritus) ichikawa_at_kuaero.
Kazuo TSUCHIYA(Professor emeritus) tsuchiya_at_kuaero.
Takaji INAMURO (Professor : Vice-chairman) inamuro_at_kuaero.
Kouichi ONO (Professor Emeritus) ono_at_kuaero.
Koji ERIGUCHI (Professor) eriguchi_at_kuaero.
Kei SENDA (Professor) senda_at_kuaero.
Shinya AOI (Lecturer) shinya_aoi_at_kuaero.
Kenji Fujimoto (Professor) fujimoto_at_kuaero.
Department of Nuclear Engineering
Manabu SAITO (Associate Professor) saito_at_nucleng.
Department of Mechanical Engineering and Science
Masaki HOJO (Professor) hojo_cm_at_me.
Department of Electronic Science and Engineering
Itsuhiro KAKEYA (Associate Professor) kakeya.itsuhiro.6w_at_
Department of Civil and Earth Resources Engineering
Junichi SUSAKI (Associate Professor) susaki.junichi.3r_at_

Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies

Department of Interdisciplinary Environment
Masaaki SAKAGAMI (Professor) sakagami.masaaki.6x_at_
Department of Human Coexistence
Akihiko ISHIHARA (Professor)

Yukawa Institute of Theoretical Physics

Advanced Statistical Dynamics
Masatoshi MURASE (Associate Professor) murase_at_yukawa.

Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere

Laboratory of Atmospheric Sensing and Diagnosis
Toshitaka TSUDA (Professor) tsuda_at_rish.
Masato SHIOTANI (Professor) shiotani_at_rish.
Mamoru YAMAMOTO (Professor) yamamoto_at_rish.
Hiroyuki HASHIGUCHI (Associate Professor) hasiguti_at_rish.
Keiichi BABA (Assistant Professor) kbaba_at_rish.
Division of Creative Research and Development of the Humanosphere
Kozo HASHIMOTO (Professor Emeritus)
Toshiharu OMURA (Professor) omura_at_rish
Naoki SHINOHARA (Professor) shino_at_rish
Yohei ISHIKAWA (Professor) ishikawa_at_rish.
Toshimitsu HATA (Senior Lecturer) hata_at_rish
Tomohiko MITANI (Associate Professor) mitani_at_rish
Yusuke EBIHARA (Associate Professor) ebihara_at_rish.
Yoshikatsu UEDA (Assistant Professor) yueda_at_rish

The Kyoto University Museum

Haruyoshi GOTO (Lecturer) goto.haruyoshi.4a_at_
Takayuki SHIOSE (Associate Professor)

Graduate School of Letters

Devision of Contemporary Culture
Kazuyuki ITO (Professor) kito_at_bun.
Tetsuji ISEDA (Associate Professor)
Division of Philosophy Ethics
Masahiko MIZUTANI (Professor) mizutani_at_ethics.bun.

Graduate School of Energy Science

Fundamental Energy Science, Plasma and Fusion Science
Yasuaki KISHIMOTO (Professor) kishimoto_at_energy.

Kokoro Research Center

Seiji KUMAGAI (Associate Professor) skumagai_at_educ.

Disaster Prevention Research Institute

Research Center for Earthquake Prediction
Manabu HASHIMOTO (Professor)
Water Resources Research Center
Kenji TANAKA (Associate Professor) tanaka.kenji.6u_at_

The HAKUBI Project

Bill MAK (麥 文彪) (Associate Professor) mak_at_zinbun.
Teruaki ENOTO (Associate Professor) enoto_at_kusastro.
Norita KAWANAKA (Associate Professor) norita_at_kusastro.
Werner, Marcus Christian (Assistant Professor) werner.marcuschristian.6e_at_

Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies

Division of African Area Studies 
Taiji KIMURA (Professor)
Division of Southeast Asian Area Studies 
Takuro FURUSAWA (Associate Professor) furusawa_at_asafas.

Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability

Yousuke YAMASHIKI (Professor : Vice-Chairman) yamashiki.yosuke.3u_at_
Kaoru TAKARA (Professor) takara.kaoru.7v_at_

Graduate School of Informatics

Department of Systems Science 
Toshiyuki OHTSUKA (Professor) ohtsuka_at_i.

Graduate School of Agriculture

Division of Environmental Science and Technology
Hiroshi SHIMIZU (Professor) hshimizu_at_kais.
Division of Forest and Biomaterials Science
Masashi NAKAMURA (Assosicate Professor) nakamasa_at_kais.
Kouji MURATA (Lecturer) murata_at_kais.

Kyoto University Institute for Advanced Study

Tetsuro MATSUZAWA (Distinguished Professor) matsuzawa.tetsuro.8w_at_

Primate Research Institute

Takakazu YUMOTO (Professor) yumoto.takakazu.6w_at_
Masaki TOMONAGA (Professor) tomonaga_at_pri.
Ikuma ADACHI (Associate Professor)

Wildlife Research Center

Shiro KOHSHIMA (Professor) kohshima_at_wrc.
Satsoshi HIRATA (Professor) hirata.satoshi.8z_at_

Institute for Frontier Life and Medical Sciences

Takayuki MIYAZAWA (Associate Professor) takavet_at_infront.

Center for the Promotion of Excellence in HIgher Education

Toru IIYOSHI (Professor) iiyoshi.toru.6m_at_
Kayo MATSUSHITA (Professor) matsushita.kayo.7r_at_
Mana TAGUCHI (Associate Professor) taguchi.mana.3z_at_


Hiroshi MATSUMOTO (Professor Emeritus : University former President)