The 16th Kyoto University Unit of Space Symposium : Can humans live in space? -Education and Prospects based on Astrobiology-

The 16th Kyoto University Unit of Synergetic Studies for Space Symposium: Can humans live in space? -Education and Prospects based on Astrobiology-

      With the launch of Artemis 1 in sight, the manned lunar exploration “Artemis” project is about to begin in earnest. On the other hand, space development by the private sector is also accelerating, and space is becoming closer to us than ever before. On the other hand, we have also seen some real challenges. Therefore, it is an urgent task to develop human resources who can engage in the development of space technology and the study of various problems associated with space development. Universities have an important role to play.
      The Kyoto University Unit of Synergetic Studies for Space (Space Unit) was established with the aim of pioneering comprehensive space research in a wide range of fields such as science, engineering, humanities, and social sciences. , research on various issues related to space as a human sphere, and education to develop human resources who will be responsible for space development and utilization and manned space activities. The space unit symposium will develop discussions on new aspects of ongoing space development from the perspective of interdisciplinary research and education, deepen exchanges through dialogue between citizens and research educators, and revitalize space-related fields. It is intended to This year’s symposium will feature a special lecture on the first day, a poster session for exhibitors, and three theme sessions and panel discussions on the second day.

(2022.10.03) The website was opened. 

Date and Venue

Date | 2023.02.11-12
Place | International Science Innovation Building 5F + Foyer (Yoshida campus, Kyoto University)
Organizer | Unit of Synergetic Studies for Space, Kyoto University
Contents | Poter session, Lecture session, Panel discussion etc.


Special lecture | Outcomes of “Hayabusa2” (tentative) lectured by Yuichi Tsuda (JAXA)

Session1 | Site of Space Science and Technology Development
      In this session, experts involved in space science and technology development will give lectures on actual development sites. In addition to topics related to development and research, we plan to frankly discuss the difficulties and interesting aspects of space science and technology development, daily lifestyles, career paths, and more.

Session2 | Response to Humans in Manned Space Development
      In this session, experts will be invited to give lectures on the effects on astronauts and space travelers in the space environment. We would like to discuss how the special environment of space, which is different from the ground, affects the human body and what countermeasures are necessary.

Session3 | Law, Politics and Ethics of Space Development
      In this session, each expert will give a lecture on the international legal and political situation surrounding space development. Currently, as the Artemis Project and space development by private companies are actively progressing, the international community is facing new legal and political challenges. We will consider the current situation and future developments, while also paying attention to ethical issues.

Panel discussion | 
      In space development, collaboration between JAXA, universities, companies, and universities is important. In this session, based on the topics covered in the three sessions above, we will discuss how human resources development should be in the future, the role expected of universities, etc., and the opinions of the participants.

Sponsors and Supports

Sponsorship Unit of Synergetic Studies for Space, KU
Co-sponsorship Astronomical Observatory, Graduate School of Science, KU, SIC Human Spaceology Center, KU
Endorsement Kyoto Prefectural Board of Education, Kyoto City Board of Education, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency