Space Ethics Education Program (SEEP)

USSS will start a new education program on space ethics in spring 2022.

Here (under construction)

USSS Seminars

Students and researchers who have great interest for Space are always welcome to our USSS seminar. The theme of this seminar is concerning the space. We have always an animated discussions with invited lecturer and all participants, and try to find new ideas.

It is held normally twice a month.

Previous invited speaker:

  • Yasuyuki Mitsuma, (The University of Tokyo)
    Title: The world of the Babylonian Astronomical Diaries
  • Tomohiko Mitani, (Kyoto University)
    Title: Power Transfer in Space
  • Toshiyuki Ohtsuka, (Kyoto University)
    Title: Overview and Applications of Optimal Control
  • Takayuki Hoson, (Osaka City University)
    Title: Growth and morphogenesis of plants in space
  • Hiroshi Yasuda, (Hiroshima University)
    Title: Radiological Science for Humans in Space: For Controlling Exposure to Space Radiation
  • Takao Doi, (Kyoto University)
  • Satoshi Sasaki, (Osaka Prefecture University)
  • K.D. Leka, (NorthWest Research Associates)
    Title: Space Weather Forecasting for Solar Flares
  • Kazuyoshi Shogen, (Broadcasting Satellite System Corporation)
    Title: Development of Broadcasting Satellite (BS) in Japan and the activities toward the future
  • Hiroshi Fujiwara, (Kyoto University)
    Title: IoT (Internet of Things) and it’s impact
  • Hiroshi Yamakawa, (Kyoto University)
    Title: Introduction to Space Systems Engineering
  • Manabu Hashimoto, (Kyoto University)
    Title: Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions Observed by ALOS-2/PALSAR-2
  • Yosuke Yamashiki, (Kyoto University)
    Title: Space Hazards as Extinction Level Event
  • Yuri Takaya, (Kobe University)
    Title: Security in Outer Space and International Space Law
  • Haruhisa Matsumoto, (JAXA)
    Title:The Space Environment for Spacecraft Design
  • Yoshizumi Miyoshi, (Nagoya University)
    Title: A new satellite mission ERG to elucidate the dynamical variations of Van Allen radiation belts
  • Akinori Saito, (Kyoto University)
    Title: Imaging observation of the Earth’s upper atmosphere from ISS

USSS Symposium

It was started to discuss about problems concerning sustainable humanosphere in space. From 2010 to 2013, our theme was “Why do we go to space?” and the large number of participants from inside and outside the University had worthwhile talks in the every symposium. Based on progress of whole researches and discussion, our theme has been changed to “Future for human civilizations spreading into Space” from 2014 to 2016. We are discussing now about space sciences, space exploration and the development of civilization in space from a diverse range of standpoints. It is also focused on the human resources development and encourage high-school and university students to participate in our symposium.

Next our symposium will be held on 11.and 12.Feb.2017.

Our symposium has always free child care service in order to give an opportunity to participate for parents who have a small child.